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Movies of 2008 that i will watch

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[edit to this post]

wow 2008 movies were sub pair at best .. no real highlights if i can remember. dark knight would have been better if batman didnt scream so much when talking. wanted was trash, 21- read the book, Indiana was not really

on the other hand, a note worthy movie was slum dog. hit that up if u havent yet

so in 2009 here are some movies that are on my list


under the Sea 3d


Dragon Ball

street fighter




public ememies

GI Joe

Ninja assasin

for now… most probably will be seen on dvd due to current economic conditions- most will suck


.finally a year with decent movies. heres my list [ in no particular order of interest]

Dark Knight


Iron Man

Forbidden Kingdom

Indiana Jones

Get Smart?

Planet B Boys


Harold and Kumar

yes of course the list will expand maybe through out the year

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May 4, 2008 at 8:01 am

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