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These past couple months have been really fun and invigorating with valentines days and all my new toys. But i think it took a toll on my wallet/ bank account.

here are all the debits:

  1. Scottrade : $700 – i dont know what to buy yet
  2. school : 8 units x $20 per unit = $ 160 – im getting $213 reimbursed by my company for my stellar grades last quarter
  3. Play Station 3, HDMI cables, 2 wireless controllers : $365 – so far played call of duty 4, very fun. cant wait to see some blu-ray action!!!
  4. Nintendo DS lite ONYX color, screen protector, Brain Age 2 : $105 – excersing my celibral cortex
  5. hand car wash with wax and fresh cherry scent : $36 – much needed cleaning, i hate u rain
  6. The Palms (for 2) : $215 – its was good; one of these days ill do a food entry on this thing.
  7. wicked (2 tix): $100 – the green goblin sang the best, the others just sounded like regular joe schmo’s at a NRB. it was good, but ive seen better. on a side note! after the  musical when i got in the car i saw on my dashboard 11:11…what does that mean?????
  8. 4 tix to Mary J. blige @ the Hollywood bowl and 4 tix to Kanye West @ staples and nokia: $850+ – Tix will go on sale soon let me know if you are interested!! hopefully this will cover all of the above and ill be able to pay off my Credit card [ by june i will have no debt =]. i love when concerts sell out in less then 5 min =] speaking of which, i wanted to go to the Foo Fighters concert but i couldnt get tix. luckily the madison square garden show was on fuse the other night.
  9. Isuzu Rodeo : $1800- year:94, millage: 62k, best condition i ever saw a used car have. … my dad wanted it.. and KBB price is at 6k so i picked it up. ill flip it soon

i need to stay low on the C-notes for awhile. as some would say ive been getting buck in here!@!@! well thats after the vegas trip

started new classes for the 08 and they going pretty well.. im only taking 2 classes but i forsee accting 2 being a tough class. im scared .. but ive been keeping up. i think that brain age is helping out, ha!

im bot a big fan of bottled water buuuut, I recently discovered the joys of smartwater. it may sound weird but it really taste good and it is enriched with electrolytes!! 2 in freakin 1 nooo way!!! “purity you can taste” heck yeah!! ” hydration you can feel” with every gulp!!

there is this dance show hosted by mario lopez produced by none other then randy jackson and one team competing is kaba modern a  pinoy pinia(?) club at the greatest college UCI. AND one of the teammates is korean. naturally thats a combination for success a “shoe in to win”… but well see as weeks go by and competition gets stiffer.

weird i just went to the uci website to get some linkage in for the “uci” above and i saw an old man [ Dr. Ronald Kotkin] that looked disturbing, as if his house is registered in the megans law web site.

happy birthday shout out to co worker helen park,  UCI alum sae ko, and actress drew barrymore


.maserati out

Written by eddiezjunk

February 22, 2008 at 9:48 pm

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