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kat williams intro

the above – should be the anthem to all who wake, hate their job(s), but still have to go through the rat race to get some chedder…

cheers yall

.miserati out

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January 23, 2008 at 6:58 am

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the year that was 2007

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Last year was, Full of BS. Im glad its over.

For a good part of the year my mom was in Korea, she was taking care of some legal issues with some bastard family members ( the word “bastard” is not loosely used, he basically disowned himself from the family- Peace out MoFo). it was all weird for me, my mom being gone. It’s cool cause I had the house to myself (well with my brother, dad was back and forth) without parents nagging at me – do this, do that–SHUT UP. But then again, whose going to do the laundry, cook & wash the dishes, call the Mexican maids, etc…yeah there was a lot of going to target for new underwear and socks. jk..

Next, SFC battle with the law took a good toll on me personally. Now, Dont get me wrong hes a really good guy, love him to death, buuuut he likes to do things his way. Any fart, two things ill never forget. One, I am infamous for never taking any sick days, my company thinks i work hard, little did they know I was just scared to take days off because its frowned upon, Stupid Koreans. But one day I went balls out. Best trick ever, when your about to get better- just keep up the caughing and people will told me to stay home so that I dont get everyone else sick [=] ( yeah, thats a double smile) – the next morning when your 98% over the sickness call in sick approx 30min before work. But I digress. It was Valentines day and instead of planning a romantic one day getaway with my girl, i called in sick and planned to spend the day with SFC. Buuuut as I was in the shower, B was taken to a hmm mm governmental resort.the second thing ill never forget is the drive to this resort, waiting in line, and actually the visit. the drive their was very long and boring. of course the car was filled with music and a cool breeze. but the ride, the ride was silent and all you can see was dirt on both sides. well, im not going to write everything down or anymore, because its a memory best left inside. all i can say that it was a tear dropping event, that i wont forget, and hope will never experience. we had subway after. i dont remember the rest of the day. o nevermind…

I Started taking classes again at a local community college the latter part of the year. three classes and a full time job is rough and mentally draining. i made out like the champion though i got two A’s and a B. thanx bims. round 2 of classes start this feb. that reminds me, i have to study for the GMAT’s dont i.

work- well last year i tried to quit. didnt go as planned. i wanted to go to school full time but some how they convinced me to stay and go to school at night. Work is hard. who likes work right? Especially not me . every year i see people join the company and others leave. im used to it now, none of that sentimental crap im a man trick! i guess, this year all the people who left took huge hit on our company, so did the crash of the housing market. do i care? no. as long as i get that lil amt of money directly deposited into my account. =]

I started my little stock portfolio, slowly but surely, this with a great plan will be a driving force in my early retirement.

mini trip to the palms — went to palm springs with bims and people for a night just to relax and rest. it was a good time doing nothing and lounging. this year i want to travel more. probably most weekend trips around california ie : napa, santa barbara, SF, etc. hopefully ill get to travel outside the US again. maybe japan…wana come?? lets go

Food –me, my brother and a friend has looked for new things to eat in the 07 –I frequented J-town for good eats and treats. I found pretty much the best ramen house, its bomb diggity– its on first street, try it! love it! be addicted to it. good pho is around me house on main street. and chinese/ viet food right next door called bahnmi — 2 for 1 boba who beats that huh? yeah thought so… sashimi mixed rice bowl [hwae doop bab] at A-won on western. lets see what else.. corner bakery has a mean sandwich called the downtown turkey.. i forgot the rest ill put up more as days pass.

me and bims= still good, going on our sixth year. wow

the last day of the year i recieved a parking ticket!! i hate the 5.0 organization as a whole, really i saw, on the same street, a car running a red and two patrols did absolutely nothing. fantastic!

I spent the new years eve at church and took part in communion. it was different,a very nice change to the pervious years.

its been a couple days into 2008 and i hope for the best and much happiness.


.maserati taking off

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January 3, 2008 at 9:00 pm

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